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      Nafisah Muhammed Buba

    Keep up the good work.

      Senator Rashidi Adewolu Ladoja, Executive Governor Oyo State

    But for your work, maybe I and other Nigerians would not have obtained justice. You sensitized the world to the injustice being visited on us by the powers that be and their cohorts like Adedibu.

    If I have another opportunity, I  will still use your organisation.

      Dr. Uzodinma Adirieje, Advocacy and Communications Manager

    Your work is client friendly and effective


    Punch newspaper is one of Nigeria's foremost and respected newspapers.  This translates to readership and sales advantage.  It is widely read by people in the government and policy makers and is very popular among a wide range of reading public.  It provides access to a national and wide global readership through effective circulation.  Articles and features placed in the Punch will be seen and read by a wide-range of people.


    MessageWise Ltd is a Strategic Communications, Advocacy and Enterprise Intelligence Consultancy Company. MessageWise assist the public and private sectors communicate and engage more effectively with their local environment by creating the right platform to table regulatory, policy and communications challenges, both locally and internationally.


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